The Temple Authority

Our organization aims to institute the “Temple Authority” that will centralize the activities of all Jews and all organizations dealing with the Temple both physically and spiritually.

The Authority wishes to initiate activities wherein the Priests carry out their priestly duties, the Levites sing their hymns and the Israelites read their daily selections. Amongst others, the Authority will implement events and model activities of Temple practices, including the Paschal offering, the water libation, harvesting and offering the Omer, the various work activities in the Temple, the “shtei halechem” activity, the Atzeret offering and offering the first fruits in the Temple.

Beginning in 2017, the Authority minted the Half Shekel Temple coin to display the reality of the Temple today. They collected the Half Shekel according to the Halacha; its price related to its weight, content and value in order to finance the activities associated with the Temple.

The overall guiding principles of the Authority are to awaken a feeling of the actual presence of the Temple in the minds of all Jews and people of the worldi even though it physically does not exist. Actions such as producing samples of Temple utensils such as the candlestick, the sacrificial altar, ritually pure olive oil, wine and wheat for use in the sanctuary. This will llustrate the work of the priests and Levites in the Temple and make the Temple activities real to all Peoples in their everyday lives.

The Authority conducts academic research and organizes conferences on issues such as finely sifted flour (solet), wine, oil, incense, shewbread, bread of thanks, and various agricultural activities related to the daily work of the Temple. The activities of the Authority are multifaceted and deal with all of the activities carried out in the first and second  Temples. The Authority realizes the importance of bringing the Temple work and culture to our present lives in Israel.