the holy coin

מחצית השקל תשע"ט

The inscription on the Temple Coin – Half Shekel

The Sanhedrin Court built a sacrificial stone Altar in order to reinstitute the various sacrifices that constituted the daily work of the Priests. We look forward to the day when this Altar or a better design of it will appear in its appointed and eternal place in the Temple on Mount Moriah.

When that will transpire, then the Half Shekel will be the means of financing purchase of the various sacrificial animals and incense that will be offered to the Almighty on the Altar for the benefit and peace of all mankind.

The 70 Nations Organization


This special coin was minted in honor of Ms. Nikki Hailey , the ex-US Ambassador to the United Nations in recognition of her consistent and valuable leadership in favor of the state of Israel and its People and for World Peace.

The Sanhedrin Court has established the “70 Nations” organization as a suitable replacement for the current United Nations whose actions incessantly attack the legitimacy of the Jewish People in Israel and the State of Israel.

The Sanhedrin calls upon Ms. Hailey to serve as the first honorary President of the “70 Nations” organization.



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silver, gold


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